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The links you get are years old and reliable. In average the provided links are 6 years in age, some even 12 years or more.

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We will provide your WikiLink for 12 months. If your backlink should unexpectedly break, we will replace it free of charge with a similar one.

Frequently asked Questions & Answers

Do I have to change anything on my website?

No! We simply make it work out of the box, you dont have to change anything.  Just select in Paypal Checkout your Wikipedia Backlink Category, language and the target URL of your website.

Can the links give visitors and SEO benefits to any website or URL?

Yes, absolutely. We provide this quality backlink service for any URL, e.g. your company or small Businesses Website, Blog, Forum, Online-Shop, Affiliate Site, Youtube Video, eBay store, Amazon account or product and even social media pages on Facebook or Twitter.

Is there any difference between a direct link and a permanent 301 redirect?

There are for sure differences between those two. In terms of SEO effectiveness, especially in giving PageRank, both are the same.

How can you provide High-PR topic Backlinks for my website?

Because we control Domains, which have aged backlinks from Wikipedia.org and many other international High-PR Websites, we can anytime permanantly redirect the links to any URL.

How does the „12 Months Link Stability Guarantee“ work?

We activate your link for 12 months normally the provided backlinks are stable. If your link should break, we will replace it with another available one free of charge.

Why can you provide guaranteed backlinks from Wikipedia.org?

Over many years we have collected a vast amount of domain projects in popular topics, which own high-trusted backlinks from Wikipedia.org and many other international High-PR Websites.

How can i buy Quality SEO Backlinks from wikilink.biz? 

Select during Paypal Checkout your desired topic category, the language and your target website URL and we will immediately arrange everything else to process your order and activate your backlink.

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Including a 12 months link stability guarantee

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